Runners: Do you gasp and pant your way through workouts and races? 

Does breathlessness keep you from enjoying yourself and performing as well as you’d like? 

Could you use more stamina?

Your mission is to build respiratory strength and capacity with a customized breathing-conditioning plan, so within 12 weeks you can run a 5K or longer without huffing and puffing. 

What if you could stop panting once and for all?

How would that affect your life?

  • Imagine enjoying running more.
  • Imagine performing faster and easier.
  • Imagine confidently anticipating longer races and greater challenges.
  • Imagine greater stamina and energy spilling over into other areas of your life...being more available for family or work or fun after running.

introducing a new program:

You got this!

progressive breathing-conditioning skills training with

  • A VIP three-hour 1:1 kickoff
  • Live and recorded trainings (21+ lessons)
  • Two weekly 1:1 live online coaching sessions for 12 weeks
  • Daily app-based accountability support for 12 weeks
  • Anytime e-mail/text access to your breathing coach for 12 weeks  

Module 1: On Your Mark: How much are you panting? Let’s assess your baseline breathing fitness level! 

Module 2: Get Set: Build a foundation of healthy breathing habits. Normalize your baseline breathing pattern when you’re still or moving slowly. Learn to apply tools of the Corrective Breathing Formula – breathe with your nose, stop breathing with your mouth, and breathe less -- whenever your breathing feels labored. 

Module 3: Go: Use your breathing foundation to start running easier and faster. Work toward all-nasal breathing when you run, and learn the secret weapon of sports performance: warming up and cooling down your respiratory system before and after workouts and events.  

Module 4: Cross The Finish Line Without Panting: Receive progressive training to build stamina. Go the distance at your desired pace with advanced breathing techniques that simulate high-altitude training.  

Meet Coach Lisa

Lisa Bowen has been coaching people with dysfunctional breathing for optimal performance since 2011.

A recreational cyclist, swimmer and hiker, Lisa took an interest in breathing retraining more than 10 years ago to work with her own asthma. Despite puffing on her rescue inhaler before, during and after exercise, she still often couldn’t catch her breath. 

As she practiced breathing toning and control exercises, Lisa noticed it was becoming easier to hike a three-mile loop in the hills behind her house she’d been doing for years. Today she can do it easily in half the time it took her 20 years ago, and she doesn’t need inhalers anymore. Lisa became obsessed with sharing what she’d learned and started her coaching practice with a two-week course to become an instructor of the Buteyko Breathing Technique, the foundational breathing-retraining philosophy that a Ukrainian doctor developed in the 1950s to address chronic hidden hyperventilation. Since then she has studied with the most experienced and renowned teachers in Europe and Australia. After many years now, Lisa has found that better-breathing skills, once learned, become an unconscious competence. (You don’t need to explicitly focus on them after a certain point unless there’s an emergency that requires more mindful attention.). Lisa was amazed and happy to find that she could breathe and exercise without discomfort in the smoky air caused by the recent Northern California wildfires, even during the infamous Camp Fire centered in Paradise, CA when the San Francisco Bay Area was reported to have the worst air quality in the world for a couple weeks last year. 


How it works

Intensive Corrective-Breathing Training = Breakthrough Results

When you join From Panting To Powerful Breathing for Runners, you get personal coaching through the four modules of the program over 12 weeks. 

We will start with a three-hour kickoff, preferably at the Breathing Retraining Center office in San Rafael, CA to cover Module 1, then set a schedule to connect three times a week for 20 minutes of virtual training and coaching (wherever you are: home, gym, work or a coffee shop!) for the following 12 weeks. 

It will take approximately a month to cover the foundations of healthy breathing habits for runners in Module 2, and we advise participants who are already active runners to plan to run less or slower during this period so your lung power can catch up to your muscle power. 

In Modules 3 and 4 you will more than make up the speed and power through what you learn about breathing control. The details of your breathing-coaching program will be customized to reflect your individual level. 

Breathing Coaching Integrated Into Your Running Workouts

For students without a pre-existing training regimen, we use a popular seven-week 5K run training schedule tailored for beginners or anyone who wants to complete a 5K race as the basis of the physical-preparation portion. It incorporates a mix of running, walking, and resting so you don’t need to be able to run a 5K now to join and successfully complete From Panting To Powerful Breathing For Runners.  

If you are on a running team or have a running coach, we can integrate the breathing aspect into what you are already doing.

Your investment will pay off in your sports performance, overall health and mental alertness.

Plan to spend an hour and a half a day over 12 weeks, including your exercise time, to get full benefit from this program. 

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Ready to breathe powerfully?

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A recap of what you'll do

  • Register for your 5K knowing You Got This! You're going to take all the right steps so labored breathing doesn't slow you down or dampen your enthusiasm. 
  • Learn how to measure your breathing stats so you can improve them. Start tracking sports-breathing metrics regularly -- both manually and with phone apps.
  • Understand when and why you pant and what you need to do to stop it. Wherever you are starting from now, you can increase your breathing fitness condition. 
  • Build a foundation of healthy breathing habits and feel more energy and confidence, by blending the tools of the Corrective Breathing Formula into your life: Breathe with Your Nose, Stop Breathing with Your Mouth and Breathe Less. 
  • Work toward nasal breathing in all circumstances – sitting, standing, sleeping, speaking, eating, moving and exercising hard, especially when you run. 
  • Discover several options to clear congestion when your nose is stuffed from allergies or a cold. 
  • Practice scientifically-proven but not well-known sports-breathing techniques that can place you ahead of where you've previously been in the pack.
  • Learn the secret weapon of sports performance: warming up and cooling down your respiratory system (just like you do your muscles) before and after workouts and events. You will start running with your breathing already "broken in", so it’s easier from the get-go. If you've ever felt like you were just getting into the zone as it was time to stop, this technique will amaze you! 
  • Create a daily action plan for how to ramp up your breathing efficiency to cover longer runs and greater distance over several weeks.
  • Receive guided progressive trainings and coaching to build stamina and improve performance so you can run a 5K or longer without panting! Whiz past younger, more experienced, more fit-looking runners who don't know the breathing techniques you just learned. 
  • Practice advanced sports-breathing techniques like simulated high-altitude training. 
  • If you suffer from any health conditions associated with breathing -- like anxiousness or snoring -- there are optional activities to explore how breathing well can help relieve symptoms.  

Improve your breathing. Improve your performance.