Does breathlessness keep you from enjoying yourself or exercising as much as you’d like? 

Could you use more stamina?

Breathing retraining is a self-management tool to identify and correct poor breathing habits .

introducing Breathing Coaching for the 21st Century

Imagine what it would be like to breathe well...

  • Don't think twice when friends invite you to do something active like go for a walk, try snow-shoeing, or play volleyball!
  • Feel less vulnerable during cold and allergy seasons.
  • Know how to breathe best in polluted, dirty air during crises when you don't have a mask handy.
  • Have more energy for work and fun.
  • Play with the children in your life with abandon.
  • Finish the race...without collapsing at the end, or retreating to bed afterward!

You got this!

BREATHING RETRAINING CENTER offers progressive breathing-conditioning skills training, featuring:

  • A Baseline Breathing-Pattern Assessment
  • 1:1 live in-person or online coaching sessions
  • Recorded trainings selected for your level
  • Daily app-based accountability support 
  • Anytime e-mail/text access to your breathing coach 

Condition Your Breathing!

Step 1: Let’s assess your baseline breathing fitness level. We can't start where you are until we know where you're at!

Step 2: Build a foundation of healthy breathing habits. Normalize your baseline breathing pattern when you’re still or moving slowly. Learn to apply tools of the Corrective Breathing Formula – breathe with your nose, stop breathing with your mouth, and breathe less -- whenever your breathing feels labored. 

Step 3: Use your breathing foundation to exercise as efficiently as possible. Receive progressive training to build stamina.  

Meet Coach Lisa

Lisa Bowen has been coaching people with labored breathing since 2011.

Lisa first took an interest in breathing retraining more than 10 years ago to work with her own asthma. Despite puffing on her rescue inhaler before, during and after exercise, she still often couldn’t catch her breath. 

As she practiced breathing toning and control exercises, Lisa noticed it was becoming easier to hike a three-mile loop in the hills behind her house she’d been doing for years. Today she can do it easily in half the time it took her 20 years ago.

Lisa became obsessed with sharing what she’d learned and started her coaching practice with a two-week course to become an instructor of the Buteyko Breathing Technique, the foundational breathing-retraining philosophy that a Ukrainian doctor developed in the 1950s to address chronic hidden hyperventilation. Since then she has studied with the most experienced and renowned teachers from Europe and Australia.  

After many years now, Lisa has found that better-breathing skills, once learned, become an unconscious competence. (You don’t need to explicitly focus on them after a certain point unless there’s an emergency that requires more mindful attention.). Lisa was amazed and happy to find that she could breathe and exercise without discomfort in the smoky air caused by the recent Northern California wildfires, even during the infamous Camp Fire centered in Paradise, CA when the San Francisco Bay Area was reported to have the worst air quality in the world for a couple weeks last year. 

Lisa is a certified massage practitioner in California. Lisa offers alternative, non-medical/non-psychological techniques, and her services are considered to be alternative or complementary to the healing arts that are licensed by the state of California.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

It depends where you start and how much you apply yourself, just like personal training at the gym!

Our program is designed to teach you how to notice the difference between poor and healthy breathing habits, and then offer a series of progressive activities to practice, to make positive changes.

Most of us are taking at least 20,000 breaths a day in a pattern that's automatic and mostly invisible to us, until we start examining it. Through breathing retraining, you are shown how to make incremental changes to that pattern for a short period a couple times a day -- ideally blended into your regular routine -- which will begin to change the automatic programming the rest of the time.

We offer several options -- from a month-to-month, online-only, accountability-coaching program to a three-month intensive for athletes and others who want to make serious change at a faster pace. 

The first step to working with us is to complete an application that describes you and your breathing-fitness goals, and then we can talk about the next best step to achieve them.

Where do we do it?

Ideally we will meet in person for your Baseline Breathing Assessment. The Breathing Retraining Center office is in San Rafael, CA -- 12 miles north of San Francisco.

Since frequency and consistency are key to success, we can hold most subsequent sessions online for 20 or 30 minutes once or twice a week at a convenient time to check in and progress the instructions. Appointments start from 7 a.m. on.

From time to time it may make sense to meet in person, especially for advanced training of breathing techniques to improve sports performance.

Will this cure my (insert your illness name)? 

Breathing retraining is a self-management approach that focuses on conditioning your breathing. We're teaching a set of tools -- based on simple, scientifically-verified principles and exercises -- to normalize the breathing pattern across all the typical activities of daily life. It is not a treatment or cure. If you have a medical or psychological diagnosis, you can use breathing retraining simultaneously with drugs and any other therapy. It doesn't interfere with them and can even enhance their benefits. 

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